[PATCH] crosstool-ng: several patches

Yann E. MORIN yann.morin.1998@anciens.enib.fr
Thu Mar 22 11:05:00 GMT 2007


On Wednesday 21 March 2007 011, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> here are some patches against crosstool-ng.
> Descriptions are in the pathfile's headers.

First off, thanks for taking time at looking into ct-ng. :-)
See my comments below.

Patch "confivars.diff"
 - TOPDIR is already set in the Makefile, and is used for internal purposes.
   The only reason why one would want to change this is for building
   out-of-tree, which is clearly not supported (and never will be);
 - IDENT: You're only creating a new variable which is used nowhere.
   What's the purpose for this? If you want an alias for the toolchain,
   there already is TARGET_ALIAS available.

Patch "cxa_atexit.diff"
 - that one is surely a good idea. Maybe we could define to 'y' for glibc
   and 'n' for uClibc (for now, a manual toggle is OK).
 - applied.

Patch "incremental-build.diff"
 - that one is also a good idea;
 - an option to force full re-build would be great, as well;
 - you're missing something, though: you have to remove the directory of
   a failed step prior to trying to build it again;
 - also, what if a step fails after it installed part of its files?
 - this patch is a concatenation of a first, incomplete patch, with a second
   patch above the previous changes. A single, plain patch would have been
   easier to read! :-(
Would you care reworking this, please?

Patch "installprefix-label.diff:
 - have you seen the comment for the option named INSTALL_DIR, just below
   PREFIX_DIR? It is typically two different things:
    - PREFIX_DIR is the directory into which the toolchain is to run from,
    - INSTALL_DIR is the directory into which the toolchain is to be installed;
  You can see this combo to build the toolchain to a local directory without
  poluting your whole system, package this toolchain (as .deb, .rpm, or ...)
  and distribute it, so that installers can then put it in the right place,
  which is not necessarily the one you built it in. This is provision for the
  future, yes.

Regards, and thanks!
Yann E. MORIN.

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