Trying to get crosstool-0.43 to work on Solaris 9

David Kahn
Fri Mar 16 23:58:00 GMT 2007

Alexander Skwar wrote:

> I got that, when I tried to build binutils-2.17 on Sparc for Sparc.
> I used GCC from Blastwave.

It turns out I needed to use LD_RUN_PATH and the prefix option in
certain cases. You'll figure out where.

>> There's something like --with-gnu-as and --with-gnu-ld or something
> Hm, any chance that you could somehow remember which package
> should feature --with-gnu-as and --with-gnu-ld?

Certainly in gcc, and in any other case where the native
build attempts to use /usr/ccs/bin/ld and /usr/ccs/bin/as


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