Trying to get crosstool-0.43 to work on Solaris 9

Alexander Skwar
Fri Mar 16 23:24:00 GMT 2007

· David Kahn <>:

> Alexander Skwar wrote:
>> I've got an additional problem, though. When crosstool is trying
>> to compile glibc, it breaks. I suppose it breaks, as it's trying
>> to use the original SUN as and SUN ld and not the GNU ones. The
>> GNU ones are in PATH before the SUN stuff. In my build script, I
>> set PATH to PATH=/opt/csw/gnu:/opt/csw/gcc4/bin:$PATH and GNU ld
>> and GNU as are in /opt/csw/gnu.
>> Any ideas?
> That sounds familiar.

Hm, "fine" :(

> But I don't see what I did 
> about it.

Too bad... :((

> I had problems with libiconv, and did 
> something for that. (I used GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG to
> workaround that, setting --with-libiconv-prefix)

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

> There's something like --with-gnu-as and --with-gnu-ld or something
> like that, if I recall. But I don't see anywhere that I
> had to use them in crosstools. Maybe I needed to use
> that stuff for the native tools build first.
> I built a set of native tools first, and used them
> to build the crosstools. Did you do that?

No, *I* did not build them. I used the pre-compiled binaries/packages
from Blastwave (cf. <>).

Would it make a difference if I build the stuff myself? I mean,
what could I do differently? I'd use the Blastwave GNU stuff
to build the GNU tools, and then I'd use the GNU tools to build
the crosstools. Would there be a difference? I doubt it...

Alexander Skwar
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