Trying to get crosstool-0.43 to work on Solaris 9

Alexander Skwar
Thu Mar 15 20:43:00 GMT 2007

· David Kahn <>:

> David Kahn wrote:
>>>>> My fix was to not hardcode sh, and use the
>>>>> env variable $SHELL in the crosstool scripts.
>>>>> On Solaris, I had success with ksh as you did.
>>>> Actually, I think I defined the variable CONFIG_SHELL
>>>> in my version of the crosstool scripts, and
>>>> defined it in the config file.
>>>   That sounds like the right answer.
>> Patch attached.
> I'm loosing my mind. These are the other two
> patches that go along with that one.


Thanks again!

Reg. "mkoverride.patch". Is that necessary? Why are you commenting
out the line?

> The mkoverride thing is because that also breaks
> at the very end of a successful build on Solaris9 ...

Oh ;) I should read the message to the end before I write my followup :-)

>  From Alex
>> Great. What was the answer?
> Dan said he would pick them up. I reminded him
> when he sent out his recent mail about doing
> the next version. (maybe a week or two ago.)


>> One annoyance - if the script breaks, I re-run it. It'll then
>> remove the gcc, ... directories and recreate them. That's taking
>> "some" time. Can I somehow make crosstool skip this step?
> Maybe, but the only way to do it right is with a complete
> clean run. 

Yeah, well, that might be right. Why waste time in a feature
(skipping stuff) if it might break something?

> Are you also building glibc? 

Yep. Eventually, I'd like to build glibc 2.5, as I'd like the
system to cross compile for my Gentoo Linux system, which is
at glibc 2.5. And gcc 4.1.2, for that matter.

> There's a couple more patches 
> you may need if you are. Search for my old posts to find them.

Fine, will do.


Now the build failed, because it did not find "ar". After
installing binutils from blastwave, I hope I'll get past
this step.

Is there somewhere a list of packages which have to be installed
in order for crosstool to work flawlessly?

Best regards,

Alexander Skwar
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