subverting an arm-elf toolchain to use glibc against linux

Carlos de Sa
Wed Mar 14 15:19:00 GMT 2007


I have an arm-elf toolchain using newlib libraries which i would want to use to compile a linux kernel (it is being used to compile a uclinux kernel. also the linux kernel should not require any lib support...) and more importantly compile programs against a glibc library built against linux kernel headers. Basically I would expect to compile my linux kernel using the arm-elf toolchain and then use this toolchain to compile my glibc library against my already compiled linux kernel and then finally compile my application code using -nostdlib and -nostdinc and forcing it (subverting) to use the glibc library. 

Is this possible? 

I have read plenty about difference between arm-elf and arm-linux but nothing about this.So far whatever i have read seems to indicate the _gcc_ has to be aware that it is compiling for a linux target (something about linux syscalls and weak linking?) and hence we have to have an OS-aware gcc. Is this correct? in which case i would expect the above scenario to fail.

The idea behind all this is to have a single toolchain to compile everything (uclinux, linux, apps) rather than have 2 separate toolchains.



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