[ANNOUNCE] OSELAS.Toolchain() 1.1.0 released

Kai Ruottu karuottu@mbnet.fi
Tue Mar 6 11:07:00 GMT 2007

Robert Schwebel wrote:
> Hildesheim, Germany - Pengutronix has released version 1.1.0 of the Open
> Source GNU toolchain build system OSELAS.Toolchain(). It can be used to
> build cross compilers for a variety of embedded Linux systems,
 Can you elaborate this?  Is for instance the OpenWRT an "embedded Linux 
And can producing fully working apps using crosscompiling to this  
already existing
Linux be possible in any way?

 For me this looks being one of these "Linux from scratch" approaches, 
not producing
crosstools  for any existing systems!  That it really isn't aimed for 
cases where the target
system already exists and the toolchain builder has no aims to replace 
any runtime parts
(kernel, glibc, GUI-runtimes,...) on the target, should be CLEARLY told 
so that no
misunderstandings about the purpose of the "toolchain build system" 
would appear!

> As we don't want to split the community in any way, we suggest that for
> discussions related to OSELAS.Toolchain() the crosstool mailing list is
> used, being the main community ressource for cross toolchain related
> topics. Please check the OSELAS.Toolchain() project page for how to find
> the crosstool mailing list.
 Nothing like a separate maillist for 'crosstool' was seen !  Instead 
there was :

-------- clip ------------------

   This project has no own mailing list. Please use the crossgcc mailing 
list for all
   OSELAS.Toolchain() related questions.

-------- clip ------------------

The "crossgcc" maillist purpose is told to be :

    It is a list for discussing embedded ('cross') programming using the 
GNU tools.

Nothing hints about any "crosstool-only" purposes!  Traditionally the 
crossgcc maillist
has been for discussion about "toolchains for embedded systems", and my 
thought is that
it could be better to  remain being that.  This meaning those 
newlib-based toolchains for
systems which have the cross GCC as the default and ONLY GCC type, 
meanwhile for
all the Linuces the default GCC type is still the native GCC -- even for 
those "embedded
Linuces" !  But also subjects related to crosstoolchains for other 
"system targets":  Solarises,
AIX, SVR4, Cygwin, MinGW, the usual "Linux distros", were once discussed 
on the
"crossgcc" maillist....  Not any more :-(

Now all this discussion about cross GCCs seems to have moved to the 
'gcc-help' maillist
and somewhere else, even the discussion for those  "newlib based"  
crosstoolchains, which
still by the definition at 'sources.redhat.com',  should be the main 
subject on the crossgcc

The "Please check the OSELAS.Toolchain() project page for how to find 
the crosstool
mailing list", ie using "crosstool" instead of "crossgcc", is really 
vomit-making as if the
"crossgcc" =  "crosstool" would really be the fact!

So trying to make a separate "crosstool" maillist for the "Linux From 
Scratch" people would
be much, much more sane!

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