ARM support for glibc-2.5

Pelle Svensson
Fri Mar 2 15:22:00 GMT 2007

>From: "Michael K. Edwards" <>
>To: "Pelle Svensson" <>
>Subject: Re: ARM support for glibc-2.5
>Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 15:03:05 -0800
>I have attached the patches I currently use when building an ARM OABI
>soft-float NPTL toolchain using crosstool.  The first applies to
>glibc-2.5, the next three to glibc-ports-2.5, and the last two to gcc
>4.1.2RC1 (aka gcc-4.1.2-20070128).  I use the headers from Linux
>2.6.20-rc6 (although I'm sure you could bump that up to 2.6.20) and
>up-to-date binutils from H. J. Lu and gdb 6.6, all unpatched.  The
>crosstool config files and driver script are also attached, although
>you won't be able to use them without patched versions of
>and, which are also attached.  You will also need a
>kernel config suitable for the core you are tuning for; I attached the
>one I use.


I have started testing your patches. After some work putting each patch into 
the patches
directory I got it right I think. I problay has missed something because it 
seems to miss
the floating point stuff during linking. Before I go too deep into the 
problem I would
ask if you know what may be wrong.

Attached is 'crosstool-error.log', the end of the log and 
wich is each configure line from the log.



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