crosstools 0.42 builds arm bootloader executable size > 800 MB

Alex XT.Yan
Sat Jul 7 10:44:00 GMT 2007

	I compiled vivi(arm bootloader of Samsung) with crosstools 0.42.
	After some Makefile and header hacks like "short-load-bytes" and
	"no-fpu", the compilation finishs normally, but the size of the output
	executable (vivi) is 871MB which should be more or less than 70k~!
	'ls -l' and 'du -sh' totally make me confused:
	$ ls -l vivi
	-rwxrwxr-x   1 yanxt   yanxt  871430121  Jul 6 21:53 vivi
	$ du -sh vivi
	72K     vivi
	the needed time for transferring it convices me that 'ls -l' seems
	to tell the truth.

	Dan suggested that it's mostly zeroes, cos it's asked to be loaded high 
	(or that's the default), and it had to pad with zeroes.
	Anyone can kindly convince me that please in the attached Makefile?
	I can't figure it out yet.
	How come this weird thing takes place?
	Any advice is appreciated in advance.


Alex Yan
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