crosstool cleanup, again ;-)

Tue Feb 20 18:52:00 GMT 2007

Hello Zhenja!
Hello all!

On Tuesday 20 February 2007 164, Zhenja wrote:
> I have following error.
> [ERROR] You did not provide kernel config file!
> What kind of file is this? And how can I provide it?

You have to pre-configure the kernel for the architecture (and may be for the
machine as well) on which you intend to run the binaries generated by the
cross-toolchain. This step is necessary for now, but might be avoidable in the

Consider it a limitation of the current implementation. Please also note that
the current official crosstool also needs a kernelconfig file if you're not
using the sanitised headers. With the sanitised headers, you don't need that,
but the package lags behind mainline and has been obsoleted by the kernel
headers_install rule, which requires you to configure the kernel.

To obtain such a file, extract your selected kernel, go there and type:

$ make ARCH=<your_arch_here> help

and choose from a matching available target. For example, for an ARM and
ixp4xx target, type:

$ make ARCH=arm ixp4xx_defconfig)

Solving this issue is not really easy right now, because crosstool currently
has no knowledge on the actual target platform, so can't decide which default
configuration to apply to the kernel.

Yann E. MORIN.

PS. Please, also note that the current official crosstool is still the one
maintained by Daniel Kegel and Dongmin Zhang, and you should use it if you
really need a toolchain. Only use crosstool-NG if you want to contribute to
it. It's beta, or even alpha right now! :-)

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