crosstool cleanup, again ;-)

Mon Feb 19 13:43:00 GMT 2007

Hi Yann,

When I do
make menuconfig
I get following error:
......ld: cannot find -lcurses

What is can be? Please help


"Yann E. MORIN" <> wrote in message
Hello all!

About three months ago I wrote about the subject: cleaning up crosstool.
It appeared to be a bigger task I thought it would. :-(

So I stopped trying to think of a way to update crosstool, and tried a new
approach: re-write it.

You can check my work on my wiki:

And the code is available through anonymous svn access:
svn co

The targeted audience are people with some good basis and the know-how about

Main features are:
  - menuconfig ( most important! :-) ),
  - design from the ground-up,
  - designed to support alternative components (see below),
  - kernel headers from headers_install with recent kernels,
  - large number of versions for gcc, glibc, uClibc, binutils and kernels,
  - some sample targets configurations,
  - a collection of patches vampirised from current crosstool and buildroot,
    plus a few by me,
  - improved (and eye-candy) logging facility,
  - documentation (sparse for now, improving),
  - ...

My main concern was to be able to build toolchains with different 
  - glibc or uClibc or ...
  - gcc or tcc or ...
  - linux or cygwin (or ?...)
  - etc...

Hopefully adding one alternative component to the build process is as simple
as adding a config file and a build script for this component (already there
are glibc/uClibc).

It's not fully ready yet, but I thought someone would like to have a look.
Comments most welcome!

Thank you for your attention.

Yann E. MORIN.

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