Error "no termcap library found" when building gdb 6.6 for powerpc target

Khem Raj
Mon Feb 12 22:03:00 GMT 2007

Dimitry Andric wrote:
> Dan Wilder wrote:
>> Or use your package manager (yum, uptodate or whatever) to locate and
>> install
>> a package named 
>> 	 ncurses-devel
>> which is I believe what the relevant .rpm package will be named.
>> If a package is available under your OS or distro it's often better for
>> ease-of-maintenance reasons to install the native package rather than 
>> building from source.  
> This is only true for native packages, not for the cross-compilation
> environment.  Cross compilers usually find their headers and libraries
> somewhere under the directory they're installed in, *not* in
> /usr/include or /usr/lib!
hmmm its about canadian build. Yeah then I think what Dimitry suggested 
is probably the best way. You need
libncurses for ppc(your host system) here not for i386(your build system).

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