crosstool cleanup, again ;-)

Fri Feb 9 21:33:00 GMT 2007


Please, keep the mailing list copied on replies.

Please, also note that I'm working on crosstool so that the community as a
whole can benefit from my work, and that it is done on a volunteer and
time-permiting basis. Direct inquiries for a ready-to-use solution are not
really well received (remember I don't get paid for this).

On Friday 09 February 2007 210, Sri Dharmasanam (sdharmas) wrote:
> I would need a cross-compile tool for a i686-linux target with gcc-4.1.x and
> the newest possible glibc (2.5?), and nptl.

Adding more advanced features such as NPTL support is planned. Unfortunately,
NPTL is something I'm not familiar with (for now), so there is no support
right now. Explanations on how to enable it and/or patches are welcome.

Maybe you can try with the current code and hand-pass some gcc/glibc extra
config options and try to enable NPTL. Then we can add supporting code.

What does current crosstool do about NPTL? Let's see.

I've got an almost full WE to think about different things on my
implementation (implying not many code will get done):
 - my own main interest lies within uClibc-based toolchains, but I may have
   a need for glibc as well in the future;
 - browse the gcc/glibc/binutils/uClibc/kernel bugzillae to see issues/fixes.
 - what features are most usefull? Easy to implement? Easy to test?
 - OpenEmbedded have lots of interesting patches of their own;
 - buildroot have some patches that can be usefull, but they only target
 - any other patch repositories?
 - how do we in fact build a canadian cross?
 - how does gcc internals really work (kind of opaque to me) ?
 - not speaking of glibc... :-(
 - how on hell will I try cygwin targets/hosts?
 - what about the ARM EABI/OABI issue? Other architectures having such a
 - my computer suffers from over-heating when compiling and I can't seem to be
   able to fix that...
 - professional work can be very demanding on my time :-(
 - girlfriend can be very demanding on my time :-)
 - what about issues I'm not even aware of?...

> I can volunteer to try this out if you'd like.

Good! I'll keep you informed. x86 targets are something I can test as well.

Yann E. MORIN.

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