mips-elf with newlib

Khem Raj kraj@mvista.com
Mon Oct 30 22:55:00 GMT 2006

Michael N. Moran said the following on 10/30/2006 02:10 PM:
> Kai Ruottu wrote:
>> Michael N. Moran kirjoitti:
>>> Other than some issues with makeinfo, I had no problem building and
>>> installing binutils-
>>> # mips-elf-ld -V GNU ld version 20060317 Supported
>>> emulations: elf32ebmip
>>> However, building GCC 4.1.1 gave me the same error:
>>> mips-elf-ranlib ./libgcc.a mips-elf-ranlib: ./libgcc.a: Malformed
>>> archive
>> Really odd... My build GCC for the binutils, GCC etc. Linux/x86
>> stuff has been for a while a self-built (cross) gcc-3.2.3 for the Red
>> Hat 7.3 target, although running it now on a Pentium-III with SuSE
>> 10.1/i586 distro. So the "compiling GCC" should be quite near yours
>> own...
>> But tools like 'bison', 'flex' etc. on the $build system could have
>> their influence.... I have attached the big-endian-hard-float
>> 'libgcc.a' I just got so you could compare yours with it, for
>> instance see what your 'ranlib' could say about it....
> # /tools/gnu/gcc/4.1.1/mips-elf/bin/mips-elf-ranlib libgcc.a
> /tools/gnu/gcc/4.1.1/mips-elf/bin/mips-elf-ranlib: libgcc.a: Malformed
> archive
> That makes it look suspiciously like my binutils build may have
> a problem.
> Indeed, I just tried your libgcc.a using the mips-elf-ranlib
> produced on my Fedora Core 2 machine with an identical configure
> script and binutils version (, and the ranlib worked
> find (no Malformed archive).
> GCC 4.1.1 is still building on that (rather slow) machine. I'll
> post the results tomorrow, but I'm guessing the results will
> be different. Hmmm.
>> Your build system sounds being something like the 'Red Hat Linux 9'
>> and if so, it expected to be stable and working.
> It *is* RH9, modulo some manual package "upgrades" over the
> past 5 years.
have you looked at my previous post in this thread.

Khem Raj
MontaVista Software Inc.

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