crosstool problem

David Daney
Fri Oct 27 16:27:00 GMT 2006

Lehner, Michael wrote:
> On 10/26/06, Francois DERMU <> wrote:
>>My goal at the end of the day is to build a GCJ cross compiler for
>>mips32 processor (should be the 'mipsel' TARGET option) so that I can
>>execute a Java code in a router.
>>So do I only need to compil GCC and it will also create all the other
>>tools of GnuCompiler or do I need to do something ? 
> [Lehner, Michael] 
> Good morning,
> I read in the crossgcc-mailing list, that you try to run Java on a MIPS
> target. I am working on the same problem, but it is a mips64 in my case.
> But I think we nevertheless could profit of each others experiences.

Speaking as the person who wrote most of the MIPS/Linux support in 
GCJ/libgcj,  I am always interested when I hear of people trying to use 
it.  Although I cannot be of much use solving Crosstool issues (As I 
have never used it), I would recommend that any java/GCJ specific issues 
be directed to

I would note that support on the o32 ABI in GCJ is currently (in the 4.2 
pre-release branch) as complete as for any other platform.  Support for 
the MIPS 64 bit ABI's is minimal, but I would be willing to give 
pointers to anyone that has 64bit hardware that wants to improve the GCJ 

David Daney

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