wierd problem with eabi compiler and kernel 2.6.18

Jevgeni Zolotarjov zhenja@zlo.ee
Mon Oct 16 19:45:00 GMT 2006

Hi All,

We are happy users of Dan's crosstool-0.42. We have built with it following 

We are using it for more than a year on ARM920T processor (AT91RM9200) with 
kernel Results are excellent and system is very stable.

Now we want to migrate to new version of everything.
First, we took toolchain from Martin Guy with arm eabi support. We have 
successfully compiled with it kernel 2.6.18 with arm eabi support. It looked 
nice from the first view. We have ported our periphery drivers for USB, IO 
and ALSA devices. Excellent! All works. But we have found one wierd problem:
IPC shared memory does not work in a desired way. All our applications and 
some ALSA plugins, which rely on IPC, crash or give unpredicted results. We 
can write and read from shared memory and results are correct, but returned 
size of shared memory is every time different. We have traced the problem 
further. It turned out, that kernel returns correct size number. But glibc 
returns with every function call different number.

We have also tried to build toolchain ourselves with following components:
The same results :(

Does anybody uses IPC successfuly on ARM architecture? Which toolchain do 
you use? Can anybody help to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance! 

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