make check-gcc question

Gene Smith
Sun Oct 8 23:33:00 GMT 2006

Dave Korn wrote, On 10/08/2006 06:20 PM:

> You haven't told us about versions or configure commandlines, so this
> is just a guess, but are you perhaps running into this problem that
> cropped up earlier this year when building out-of-tree and using a
> relative path to the configure script?

Yes, configured relative like he describes. However, my 
gcc-4.1.1/gcc/ seems to be only partially patched. The last 
change shown here

still just has one $, i.e., ${srcdir} instead of $${srcdir} in what I 

> Alternatively, did you try the combined-tree build approach
> recommended at ?

Since with the above change I need to rebuild gcc, I will try this 
method and see if it works instead. Thanks for pointing this out.


> cheers, DaveK

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