make check-gcc question

Dave Korn
Sun Oct 8 22:20:00 GMT 2006

On 08 October 2006 21:57, Gene Smith wrote:

> Khem Raj wrote, On 10/08/2006 04:33 AM:
>> Gene Smith said the following on 10/7/06 3:47 PM:
>>> I have built an arm-elf cross compiler (for/on cygwin) that appears to
>>> be ok. I thought I would try the testsuite stuff in gcc. Had to get
>>> dejagnu to run it. 
>>> When I run
>>> make check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=arm-sim"
>>> I tells me it is using arm-sim.exp, sim.exp and basic-sim.exp from the
>>> various directories in the dejagnu installation but I get a warning
>>> "Couldn't find tool config file for sim, using default"
>>> then below the heading "== gcc Summary ==" nothing prints.

  You haven't told us about versions or configure commandlines, so this is
just a guess, but are you perhaps running into this problem that cropped up
earlier this year when building out-of-tree and using a relative path to the
configure script?

  Alternatively, did you try the combined-tree build approach recommended at ?

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