undefined reference to __fixdfdi

Timur Elzhov elzhov@warelex.com
Wed Oct 4 11:04:00 GMT 2006

Hello there,

I'm trying to port to Symbian OS (it runs on ARM) some C code that contains
floating point numbers. For some mystery reason the low-level conversion
functions like __fixdfdi do not get linked in by gcc from libgcc.a, because
I know it's in there, I checked with `nm' (I found reports about that error
in Internet, too).

Ok, the question is not how to resolve that error in Symbian SDK (because
it's surely far from the list topic), but what workaround could I provide?
I defined the function

  long long __fixdfdi(double),

that converts double to int64, but got the same linkage error:

  relocation truncated to fit: ARM_26 __fixdfdi
  undefined reference to `__fixdfdi'

Any suggestions for workaround?
Much thanks!

Best regards,
Timur Elzhov
Warelex LLC

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