Dr. Petrit Revania
Mon Nov 6 14:15:00 GMT 2006

In our search for a trustworthy person to faithfully carry out this 
private and confidential transaction,we came upon your highly esteemed 
My name is Dr.Petrit Revania working with a liquidation firm appointed 
by the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)as the Official 
(O.R) to wind up a large company here in England(NOW LIQUIDATED).The 
company was involved in child labour and have borrowed money from 
various creditors and persistently refused to pay back,hence the 
winding up process against it. 
In the process,it was our responsibility to sell the properties of the 
company and pay all debts owed to the creditors .It is part of the law 
that all directors and management staff of the company shall cease to 
hold office when we the liquidators take over.This gives us full 
control. Presently I have accessed the debts of the company,I came to 
find out that there is excess of funds available.Working with my 
partner the principal Audit Officer,we have agreed that the company is 
not worth having this money because of their inhuman and ungodly act to 
fellow humans. 
We therefore seek your kind assistance to incorporate you to our 
already laid out plan for the perfection of this business to include 
you as one of the creditors to enable us keep part of the excess funds 
for ourselves.we will ensure that the 
Chancery Division recognises you as one of the debenture holder of the 
company holding the value of Security Shares we shall attach to your 
name and make approval for payment in your favour.
You can be rest assured that all legal procedures will be followed to 
avoid any risk. I await your response
Petrit Revania

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