generating csu/version-info.h unterminated string problem

David Kahn
Wed Nov 1 03:53:00 GMT 2006

david howard wrote:
> regarding an old glibc build problem "generating csu/version-info.h 
> unterminated string problem"
> <>
> it reoccurs in the latest Ubuntu release 6.10 Edgy, apparently due to 
> Ubuntu's use of 'dash' instead of 'bash'
> as the default shell. I hit the error, then saw the posts that it could 
> be a shell problem, and linked bash instead of dash and it worked.
> I was building with glibc-2.3.3

That csu stuff is a pile. I also hit it and
described it here (after finding somebody elses
suggested fix)

And the patch I used to workaround it, which I think
makes it shell agnostic, is posted here:

The underlying problem is the use of echo rather than
printf in the shell script.

I was building with glibc-2.3.2


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