Fwd: glibc-2.4 released (was: Re: never mind: no linuxthreads in glibc-2.4)

Martin Guy martinwguy@gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 11:46:00 GMT 2006

For immediate testing with crosstool < 0.43 you can simply set


which both prevents it from automatically adding the threads file and
simultaneously perverts its linuxthreads code to apply the ports
collection instead. By a stroke of luck it already knows about cd-ing
into the glibc dir before unpacking anything called glibc-[a-z]*-2*

It doesn't compile, of course. If I get this working I'll post the patches.

The real solution is a GLIBC_PORTS_FILENAME clause, since older
versions have both 2.3.6-linuxthreads and 2.3.6-ports, and to embed
knowledge only to set GLIBC_THREADS_FILENAME by default if glibc < 2.4.
Or maybe always to add the ports collection instead of the threads tarball
if glibc >= 2.4
What seem righter?


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