NPTL patch for crosstool-0.42

Khem Raj
Thu Mar 9 21:00:00 GMT 2006


I have done few changes to contrib/2005a/crosstool-0.38-nptl.patch. My 
changes are merged into the attached patch.
A few things that I have tried to do.

1. Compile glibc-cvs with gcc-cvs. that means glibc-2.4. I have added a 
new variable called GLIBC_PORTS_DIR which should be defined relative to 
the GLIBC_DIR. Currently I have only enabled ports if architecture is 
arm it seems we will need it for ppc64/soft-float as well.

2. I had to add GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG=--disable-libunwind-exceptions to .dat 
file to get glibc w/ nptl compiled.

3. I made sure that existing NPTL builds ok. So I tested a i686  NPTL 
build. All went fine I had a scripting error towards the end while 

sh $TOP_DIR/

it complained that rm could not delete bin because it was a folder. The 
following line of script caused this error. But toolchain build was 

# but remove symlinks to special cases

4. To test the ports add-on I attempted a arm-softfloat build but did 
not complete glibc due to aggressive inlining tempering the labels in 
initfini.s. But at least it recognised ports addon as arm is moved to 
ports in glibc-2.4

This patch is getting bigger and bigger. I think in order to get this 
work merged with main script, we should do builds for older toolchains 
to make sure we don't break anything.  I will keep doing some stuff in 
the limited time I find.

Anybody helping to test other architectures for NPTL are more than welcome.

I am attaching my sample gcc-glibc.dat file which I used.


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