Internal compiler error in 4.1.0

Michael Miller
Thu Mar 9 01:25:00 GMT 2006

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>Subject: RE: Internal compiler error in 4.1.0
>On 08 March 2006 12:50, wrote:
>> Trying to build crosstool 0.42 for arm xscale using gcc 4.1.0 and glibc
>> 2.3.6.  Base system is Mandriva 2006 on an Intel box with gcc 3.4.5:
>> /home/mike/crosstool/crosstool-0.42/build/arm-xscale-linux-gnu/gcc-4.1.0
>> -glibc-2.3.6/build-glibc/math/s_fmax.os
>> ../sysdeps/generic/s_fmax.c: In function `__fmax':
>> ../sysdeps/generic/s_fmax.c:28: internal compiler error: in
>> elim_reg_cond, at flow.c:3328
>> This is in the 2.3.5 math library portion.  Seems like this is similar
>> to an old bug PR15068 but I haven't looked into in detail.
>  It probably /is/ 15068 - doesn't crosstool use the 3.x-series base
>to build 2.3-series glibc?  The matrix suggests so:-
>as does the fact that your build log shows the command line using '-isystem
>ude', which would indicate a 3.3.6 cross compiler being used.
>  The fix for 15068 was added to mainline shortly before it got renumbered
>4.x series (they referred to it as 3.5.0 at the time) so you would expect
>see it in your 4.1.0 compiler - once you've got past the problem of
>glibc with an old buggy compiler to which the fix was not backported :-(
>may be able to workaround it with optimisation options.
>    cheers,
>     DaveK

I updated the system gcc to 4.1.0, and then changed the gcc-core version to
4.1.0 in the .dat file.  That seems to have gotten me further, but I now
fail in linuxthreads/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c because __pthread_raise
is undefined.  It looks like the raise.c file has a #ifndef SHARED for a
weak external __pthread_raise.  The error is on line 32, which is a
__libc_maybe_call2() line.

Looking at Dan's logs, I see he actually had the same error with
elim_reg_cond that I originally had.  It looks like he only got glibc 2.3.2
to work on the xscale.

I guess I was just pushing the envelope to far on 4.1.0.


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