Taking the hatchet to crosstool

Paul Schulz pschulz01@gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 22:24:00 GMT 2006

Hi Dan, Martin,

Please find attached a tarball of some perl scripts which will
generate (most) of the demo scripts from the 'buildlogs' files.

Put the scripts into root driectory of crosstool 0.42 and run
'./crosstool-make-demo.pl'. Demo files will be created in the 'demo2'

Due to the way the file are currently named.. it doesn't do the 'canadian'

If you want to try using it with the new directory layout.. change the
'$legacy' variable to '0' in both 'crosstool.pm' and
'crosstool-make-demo.pl'. (Completely untested).

Cheers, Paul
crosstool.pm - My attempt at a perl module for handling crosstool
configurations. Can be used to create a shell script which executes

crosstool-make-demo.pl - Create demo scripts from data files.

options-demo.sh - Global option file for 'demo' scripts.

On 3/9/06, Dan Kegel <dank@kegel.com> wrote:
> On 3/8/06, Martin Guy <martinwguy@gmail.com> wrote:
> >   I finally had enough of all those horrid files in crosstool's top
> > directory ...
> >  * Moved *.dat to data/
> >  * Moved *.config to config/
> >  * Moved demo-*.sh to demo/
> >  * Moved *.sh to scripts/
> > ...
> > Would this create embarassment for people who have
> > their own sets of patches to
> > crosstool that they apply to each release?
> Probably.  Let's take it a bit slower, and do one of your
> little cleanup steps per release.
> > How do people feel about this reorganisation? Is the fresh air it
> > creates worth the hassle?
> What I'd like to see first is a script that generates
> the demo scripts from buildlogs/*.dat.txt or buildlogs/all.dats.txt.
> It would first blow away the 'demo' directory, then fill
> it with a bunch of scripts.
> Could you attack that?  I'd gladly accept that patch.
> - Dan
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