tried gcc-4.1.0-glibc-2.3.6 -- mips.dat

Dan Kegel
Mon Mar 6 01:32:00 GMT 2006

On 3/5/06, David Daney <> wrote:
> > is the fundamental problem that the
> > is not
> > GCC_CORE_DIR=gcc-4.1.0
> > but rather
> > GCC_CORE_DIR=gcc-3.3.6
> I have never studied nor used crosstool (probably a mistake on my part),
> but I have to ask myself why there appears to be (at least in the name
> of these variables) a mixing of gcc-3.3.6 and 4.1.

crosstool does this to get around the problem that
older glibc's often can't build with the latest gcc.
Defining GCC_CORE_DIR is optional.
You can just erase that if you want to build
glibc with the same version of gcc.

Or, you can point GCC_CORE_DIR to gcc-3.2.3 or gcc-3.4.5
instead of 3.3.6.    Look at the combinations listed in
to see what works.  Looks like gcc-3.4.5 might be a good choice
at first glance.

> The symptoms you are seeing are indicitive of using a gcc 3.3 vintage
> compiler with binutils 2.16.1

- Dan

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