armv5b and xscale

Sean Kelley
Sat Mar 4 03:21:00 GMT 2006

What is the difference between armv5b and xscale?

I assume the 'b' in armv5b stands for Big Endian.  When I do the following diff:

sean@ubuntu:~/build/crosstool-0.42$ diff arm-xscale.dat armv5b-softfloat.dat
< TARGET=arm-xscale-linux-gnu
> TARGET=armv5b-softfloat-linux
< GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-cpu=xscale  --enable-cxx-flags=-mcpu=xscale"
> GCC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--with-float=soft --with-cpu=xscale --enable-cxx-flags=-mcpu=xscale"
> GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG="--without-fp"

I see that in both cases "xscale" is being put for the --with-cpu
option.  No where do I see anything that specifies the endianess.  Do
I need to specify the endianess?  In my case my target is little
endian with no FPU.  I am wanting to build a cross compiler for Intel 
Xscale (3rd gen w/ support for iwmmxt).

So I have an XScale target that I would like to optimize for the following:

soft float
xscale/armv5/little endian

As far as EABI versus ABI goes, I just want to be compatible with
third party applications, so I assume that means I want gnuabi.

Thanks for your help,


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