iWMMXt Linux EABI cross toolchain

Khem Raj khem@mvista.com
Fri Mar 3 20:21:00 GMT 2006

Steven Newbury said the following on 03/03/2006 12:11 PM:
> --- Khem Raj <khem@mvista.com> wrote:
>> As evidents from Paul's IWMMXt ABI is kind of intermediate thing which 
>> got started in same direction to refine ABI requirements but then was 
>> converted into a more detailed work to define ARM EABI therefore EABI is 
>> complete so I would suggest youto use EABI instead.
> So if I don't specify an ABI but use --with-cpu=iwmmxt --with-arch=iwmmxt and
> do as I am targeting arm-iwmmxt-linux-gnueabi it should do the right thing wrt
> vectorizing etc?  
it should.
> Or should I select AAPCS?
> Is this also likely to fix my problem of missing forced-unwind when compiling
> glibc??
no that probably is because you enabled thread support and C++ support 
into minimal gcc.
> Steve
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