Errors for armv5b-softfloat installation

Dave Korn
Thu Mar 2 15:50:00 GMT 2006

On 02 March 2006 15:43, DSP wrote:

> After some downloads and some installations, crosstool gave me this error:
> scripts/kconfig/mconf.c:91: error: static declaration of
> 'current_menu' follows non-static declaration
> scripts/kconfig/lkc.h:63: error: previous declaration of
> 'current_menu' was heremake[1]: *** [scripts/kconfig/mconf.o] Error 1
> make: *** [oldconfig] Error 2
> [root@localhost crosstool-0.40]#

  Google it, it's a known bug and there are lots of solutions out there.
(Deleting the word 'static' from the mconf.c version should do the trick

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