Problem creating m68k-coff cross tools under Cygwin

Dave Korn
Thu Jun 29 23:28:00 GMT 2006

On 29 June 2006 23:19, Doug Broadwell wrote:

> I'm trying to build an m68k-coff cross toolchain under Cygwin; I'm still
> trying to install the binutil's.  It chokes
> when it tries to compile targmatch.h.  The "make install" log is as follows:

> targmatch.h looks OK except that it is full of Carriage Return ("^M")
> characters.  I installed Cygwin without the Unix <--> Dos text conversion,
> and have the environment variable "CYGWIN=tty".
> The script I'm using is:
> export PREFIX=/gnu/cross68k/bin
> export TARGET=m68k-coff
> export PATH=/gnu/cross68k/bin:${PATH}
> cd /gnu/cross68k/bin
> ../../binutils-2.9.1/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$PREFIX --disable-n
> ls 2>&1 | tee util_config.log
> make all 2>&1 | tee util_all.log
> make install 2>&1 | tee util_install.log

  How did you unpack the sources?  A lot of windoze GUI tools will 'helpfully'
convert the line-ends on-the-fly for you; you need to use cygwin tar.

  If it's not that, show us the output from your "mount" command.

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