making gcc relocatable->fixed

Mon Jun 26 13:10:00 GMT 2006

> no, you moved the wrong libs
You mean when I built it shared I did? Why is this?
The target libs move with the toolchain because their sysrooted into the 
Shouldn't the shared libs for the host move with the toolchain just because 
their in the prefix?
Is there a way I can fix this from the configure path?

> binutils' shared libs are in host format, not target format ... so they
> need to be in either the RPATH or in path or $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
I need to be able to move the toolchain around and avoid a root install,  so a 
static path in a root permission folder(or anywhere else for that matter) is 
not acceptable.

Is compiling non-shared my best option? Do I really gain anything from 
compiling shared if only this toolchain uses them?
I've seen some posts saying that shared libs in binutils are not well tested 
and I notice crosstool doesn't use them.

thx for all your support,

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