Cross compile x86 to solaris2.10 half way through

Mon Jun 19 04:32:00 GMT 2006

 I have copied the header files and libs inot
Now when i run configure and then do  a make i get the below error,

/home/pro/gcc-3.4.6/configure  --target=sparc-solaris2.10
--prefix=/home/pro/sol-util --enable-languages=c --with-gnu-as
--with-gnu-ld --with-sysroot=/home/pro/sol-util/sparc-solaris2.10/

But when i do a --disable-multilib everything works fine. The
executables produced are 32 bit and run fine on solaris machine.

Is there any way to get 64 bit executables , if yes what should i
change. I want to produce 64 bit ELF instead of 32 bit.

Is it possible to produce 32 and 64 bit both witht he same compiler
without doing any builds.


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