linux x86 to sparc-solaris

Jim Tison
Sat Jun 17 21:39:00 GMT 2006

The sysroot is where you keep all of the header files & libs pertinent 
to the target. From what you just said, you'd specify 
--with-sysroot=/tmp. But that's a really, really bad idea (/tmp can get 
blown away at any time). You'll need to keep the sysroot files around 
after the compiler is built: your default compiler & linker will look 
there to resolve things. Or not. Your choice for the long run, as long 
as you do *something* about the target files which reside there.

I'd move /tmp/lib and /tmp/usr someplace more permanent, and point 
--with-sysroot= there.

I still can't advise you on exactly **which** files you'll need to get a 
correct build for --target=solaris-*. Perhaps someone else will share 
their experience with you (I have none for that target).

Niklaus wrote:

> so ~/gcc3.4.6/configure --target=solaris-sparc2.10
> --prefix=/home/pro/sol-sparc/ --with-sysroot=??
> I have my header files in /tmp/usr/include
> and my library files in /tmp/lib and /tmp/usr/lib.
> I am a bit confused here. What should i give here or what is my
> sysroot is it /home/pro/sol-sparc/solaris-sparc2.10.  Should i copy my
> stuff into sysroot
> Can you guide me how to proceed from here.
> On 6/17/06, Jim Tison <> wrote:
>> Not speaking specifically for this --host/--build, and --target
>> combination; no. The preferred way to accomplish this is 
>> --with-sysroot=.
>> I doubt anybody has the list you seek (this is usually the tricky part
>> of correctly building a cross-compiler); but perhaps someone who has
>> successfully built for this x-compiler pair could list the files in
>> their sysroot directories for you.
>> Niklaus wrote:
>> > hi,
>> > is it really required to give --with-headers and --with-libs in
>> > configure option of gcc when creating a cross compiler for
>> > sparc-solaris from linux-x86.
>> >
>> > does anyone have the exact list of libraries/header files or minimum
>> > libraries required for this and where to copy it.
>> >
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