linux x86 to sparc-solaris

Jim Tison
Sat Jun 17 17:49:00 GMT 2006

Not speaking specifically for this --host/--build, and --target 
combination; no. The preferred way to accomplish this is --with-sysroot=.

I doubt anybody has the list you seek (this is usually the tricky part 
of correctly building a cross-compiler); but perhaps someone who has 
successfully built for this x-compiler pair could list the files in 
their sysroot directories for you.

Niklaus wrote:

> hi,
> is it really required to give --with-headers and --with-libs in
> configure option of gcc when creating a cross compiler for
> sparc-solaris from linux-x86.
> does anyone have the exact list of libraries/header files or minimum
> libraries required for this and where to copy it.
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