Possibly OT: GCC 2.96 on PPC for VxWorks 5.5

John Clark jclark@metricsystems.com
Wed Jun 14 04:09:00 GMT 2006

Paul Smith schrieb:
> Well, the compile lines I use to generate the .s files on both systems
> are byte-for-byte identical, so it's not the command-line flags
> (optimization levels, -f arch settings, etc.)  I've also looked at the
> ccppc -v output and compared those: no differences.
> The spec file that was installed for Linux was very different than the
> one for Solaris.  However, I did try copying the Solaris spec file over
> into the Linux compiler installation and that didn't help either.

I have not had to sleuth through spec files, or even getting gcc to 
compile for a 'new target',
in quite some time... perhaps 10 years. I've also sworn off WRS for 
about as long as well.

However, back when I was trying to understand gcc wyrdnesses, what was 
listed in the
spec file was important, as that's were any 'default' specs are used, 
and not necessarily in
the expected order, or conditions. In the code example you gave, my 
'first guess' would be
that there's an optimization in the one case to simplfy the code to a 
single multiply and store, but
it could also be used because in the 'WRS' spec, a simpler machine comes 
first in the default selection

Just as an aside, if you have the compiler to the point were it 
generates so close to nearly identical
code, what is the 'problem'?

John Clark

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