sparc elf

Paul Brook
Mon Jun 12 17:41:00 GMT 2006

[please don't keep CCing the binutils/gcc development lists. User questions 
are not appropriate there]

> Few questions
> 1) I can build binutils for sparc-solaris, it works fine.
> 2) i can build core-gcc for sparc-solaris

Huh? These are not questions.

> 3) How do i build the complete gcc for sparc-solaris. I don't have the
> headers . I can't use linux headers or glibc as i don't have them on
> the target machine.

You should already have the headers (and the C library) on your target 
machine. If you don't you need to contact Sun.

Solaris has nothing to do with either glibc or linux, so I've no idea why you 
think those will do you any good.

> 4) Say if  i use newlib for target sparc-solaris, then i will have to
> write linker scripts.

Why do you want newlib? Just use the Solaris libc.

> 5)
> Now how do i compile a hello world program executable and run it on my
> sparc solaris 10 machine.

Download and install the packages from


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