Kegel Crosscompiler for linux to xscale-ada

Rogelio Sevilla
Wed Jun 7 13:52:00 GMT 2006

Hello, im trying this crosstool 
( for the xscale
architecture and for ADA language, im having some problems, i just
build the tool, and it makes some directories, my first problem was to 
an ada source, cause it didnt find the needed libraries, so i use the
normal gnat libraries and copy them to the arm-xscale/lib/... , after that i
could compile the sources with arm-xscale-linux-gnu-gcc -c -I <source>
and then i use the gnatbind that this crosstool make, but here comes my
problem, how can i Link the .ali file?, theres no gnatlink in your 
crosstool, or
at least i cant find it, and if i use the normal gnatlink i get an error
with the libgnat.a library, do you know what im doing wrong?, hope i make my
self clear, i dont really speak english, and im sure you know that by now

hope someone can help me, and thanks for your time

I.S.C. Mario Rogelio Ortiz Sevilla
Colima University

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