Add additional libraries to crosstool build script

Daniel Santos
Tue Jun 6 19:16:00 GMT 2006

Thanks, that looks pretty cool!  I was actually trying to figure out how 
I could do all of this in make and get the benefits of a make file 
(i.e., all the cool dependency checking, immutable variables, etc.).  I 
need to read up on this more and maybe convert all my configs to 
bitbake.  Either way, there are still some useful patches in that 
package (  Specifically 
for, for dropbear and zlib.  Dropbear doesn't handle bogus entries in 
/etc/passwd that appears on the a780.  Since that file is in firmware, 
it screws things up.  Also, I patched scp to search the path for ssh (or 
dbclient) instead of hard-coding it in the config.  That is actually an 
openssh feature and I'm sure there are reasons for it, but it made 
things troublesome on the a780 (my scp is currently broken - crashes, 
however).  zlib flat out wont cross compile shared libs on Cygwin 
without patching the configure script.

Doug, I remembered something important that's in my bash build config.  
The core Cygwin package, "cygwin" has a bit of a flaw, perhaps an under 
sight or or just a design flaw; there is no libdl.a.  This breaks a few 
different builds involving shared libs.  Here's the simple fix.

cd /lib; ln -s libcygwin.a libdl.a


Paul Schulz wrote:
> Daniel,
> Have you had a look at the 'OpenEmbedded's bitbake which seems to do
> something similar.
> Paul

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