Add additional libraries to crosstool build script

Doug Crawford
Tue Jun 6 00:13:00 GMT 2006

I was able to build static libraries for libpng, libjpeg, and libz using my 
powerpc-604-linux-gnu-gcc toolchain.  However, the configure scripts
for these application libraries failed when I tried to build a shread library.
So I tried to build the shared library manually using something like:
powerpc-604-linux-gnu-gcc -shared -Wl,-soname, -o \
..all of the object ffiles..
The problem I have now is libpng calls functions in zlib and when I link an 
application wtih -lpng I get an unresolved reference error in to functions 
in the zlib library.  I still can't get around the problem even if I explicitly link
against the zlib library using -lz.
I know this is kind of a general question, but is there an option I need to set when
creating a .so library that depends upon another .so library?

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