Off Topic: Finally installing Linux, sugestions for distos?

Daniel Santos
Fri Jun 2 19:47:00 GMT 2006

Thank you for the feedback everybody! :)

Yea, I noticed that Ubuntu has been at the top for some time.  And I 
like it's meaning.  In English, it roughly translates into "humanity 
towards others" -- see 
<>.  Anyway, I'm 
thinking that's where I'll start.  At work, I did Solaris for 2 years 
and been on HP-UX for the last 3 years.  I LOVE GNU/Linux compared to 
HP-UX.  The tools on the HP-UX 11i machines at my job are SO poor!


Mitchell, Earl wrote:
> FYI checkout this page ...
> Bottom right side of page ranks most popular 100
> linux distributions by number of page hits. 
> -earlm


dd if=/dev/zero of=/ram/awsomeswap bs=1024 count=16384
mkswap -v0 /ram/awsomeswap 16384
/sbin/swapon /ram/awsomeswap

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