!(fun) with tls

NZG ngustavson@emacinc.com
Fri Jun 2 17:35:00 GMT 2006

> I do not know. Also, do you know for sure whether _dl_tls_symaddr is
> connected to thread-local storage or is a symbol for something completely
> different which might also be abbreviated as tls?
I do no know this for sure, just guessing, trying to find something that works 
I'm trying to avoid having to reverse engineer this, it seems very unlikely 
what I'm trying to do has never been done before.

If it hasn't been attempted, my guess would be that it's not a good idea for 
some reason, but if that's true I'd like to know why.

> Even when compiling a native GCC with a native GCC without crosstool, not
> all versions of GCC >= 2.95 work, no matter what is written in GCC's
> documentation so perhaps you might try one of the other
> gcc-.+-glibc-.+-tls.dat files.
Nothing with tls is building, I've also tried
but the results are exactly the same.

> It could easily get to the stage that you may need to recompile almost
> everything installed on the target in which case it may be simpler to
> simply remove everything on the target and replace its operating system
> with one for which you do have a satisfactory cross development
> environment.
That would technically work, but that would defeat the purpose of using a 
standard debian build, since it's unlikely .deb  packages would work reliably 
on that system without rebuilding them.

Perhaps I need to be digging through the debian packages myself for this 
utility instead of just trying to build it myself directly.
I'll do a little research.


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