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Colin Paul Gloster Colin_Paul_Gloster@ACM.org
Fri Jun 2 15:58:00 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2 Jun 2006, NZG wrote:

"I'm trying to build a cross compiler for a specific debian build we use 
on our 
embedded 568 SBC's.


Start it up and it builds the cross toolchain perfectly, voila.

I copy my new toolchain into my SDK and build a test program, no problem.

I copy the libc from my target 

and attempt to link against it: [..]

If you compile and link without using the LibC from your target, will the 
binary successfully run on your target?


More importantly, the cross compiler can't link against the pthreads library 
of this version

Attempting to do so yields:

modreg.o -Wl -Llib/dynamic ../../lib/static/libmodbus.a -o 
modreg -lpthread-0.10
lib/dynamic/libpthread-0.10.so: undefined reference to 

Which looks like utter madness to me,
GLIBC_2.1.2? where did that come from?
Neither the host, the target, or the cross compiler uses 2.1.2.


It is common for libraries to contain many "@GLIBC_.+" references with 
different versions for different symbols. Different versions are not 
always incompatible. An unrelated example on Red Hat Fedora Core GNU/Linux
"strings /usr/lib/libz.so | egrep GLIBC_.+

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