Off Topic: Finally installing Linux, sugestions for distos?

Daniel Santos
Fri Jun 2 04:07:00 GMT 2006

I'm not much of a GUI guy as long as I have a terminal session I"m 
usually happy.  But I do like to do stuff by GUI sometimes.

Sorry for the off-topic, but I just wanted to get a little input from 
other developers.  I think I need a real Linux system to do this 
development.  I do enjoy the fact that I've been able to do so much on 
this system so far with Cygwin, and it's already somewhat of a "Cygborg" 
(running sshd, inetd, crond, syslogd, etc.etc.)


dd if=/dev/zero of=/ram/awsomeswap bs=1024 count=16384
mkswap -v0 /ram/awsomeswap 16384
/sbin/swapon /ram/awsomeswap

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