General cross compilation 'problem'.

Brian Dessent
Fri Jun 2 00:46:00 GMT 2006

John Clark wrote:

> For quite a while I've had a pretty negative view on the use of the
> 'configure'
> set up utility.
> What seems to be a great idea appears to be fraught with problems when one
> steps outside of the bounds of 'compiling on the target machine'
> problems arise.

Like they say, it's the worst system around, except for all the rest.

> My 'method' of dealing with this is to basically had edit the configure
> script
> until it completes, eliminating the pattern "{ (exit 1); exit 1; };" in all
> cases where the 'if test "$cross_compile" = yes ... starts of  the if
> statement.

Much easier just to override the cached result variables (??_cv_*) for
the non-functioning tests.

ac_cv_foo_bar=1 ./configure -opts


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