[Crosstool] arm targeted toolchain produces unusable elf programs

Valentin Longchamp valentin.longchamp@epfl.ch
Thu Jul 27 13:36:00 GMT 2006

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Here is the answer I received "not on the list"

> crossgcc-owner@sourceware.org wrote:
>>>   Flags:                             0x2, has entry point, GNU EABI
> vs.
>>>   Flags:                             0x4000002, has entry point,
> <unrecognized EABI>
> I'd start by looking there - it looks like an EABI toolchain was used to
> build the "built-in" binaries.  If the versions match what you're using,
> I'd guess that the vendor used the CodeSourcery toolchain.

Ok, looks like it's an EABI implementation difference problem. This EABI
is a new standard for ARM executables from what I see here

So what I would like to know is:

- - Does the profile I've used to produce my cross-compiler (so mostly arm
basic stuff with profile gcc-3.4.2 and glibc-2.3.3 already produce EABI
compatible executables ? If it is the case, the incompatibility would be
due to the fact that the EABI implementations are different (GNU and
unrecognized) and that I would have no choice than changing my
"built-in" binaries and libraries (I could do that too ..)

- - Or the profile I've used doesn't procude EABI compatible code, so the
incompatibility would be due to the fact that my libs are EABI compliant
and my executables are NOT ?

The short question is: Is crosstool EABI compatible with the "profile"
I've used ?

I'm confused, because I can read that EABI is only after:

> binutils - from 2.16.92 - already in Debian
> gcc - gcc 4.1.0 (Thumb interworking on armv4t needs 4.1.1)
> glibc - fully upstream in 2.4. Will also be in 2.3.7
> Earlier glibcs (2.3.6?) support EABI userspace but had old-style syscalls to work with older kernels (2.6.8-2.6.13ish).
> kernel - eabi support merged after 2.6.15, present in 2.6.16.

However, with my gcc-3.4.2 glibc-2.3.3 is GNU EABI according to readelf,
the pre-built on-board system is glibc-2.3.3 too and EABI too (though
unrecognized). So I'm confused. Does crosstool apply backported EABI
patches ?

Thank you for helping me lighting my mind on that topic.

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