Crosstool Build for Arm EP9312

David A. Braun
Mon Jul 24 14:14:00 GMT 2006

I'm using Grant Likely's patch for the EP9312 
with Dan Kegel's latest version of Crosstool (crosstool-0.42). I ran 
into two problems (see

The first problem caused the resulting compiler to include certain files 
from the wrong place (..../include instead of ..../sys-include). The 
cause was a missing patch for gcc-3.4.2 that fixed gcc/ so 
that the resulting compiler wasn't confused about where to find certain 
include files (eg limits.h).

The second problem occured when the crosstool script was trying to 
configure the linux includes. A "make oldconfig" command is issued to do 
this which in turn compiles the configuration utility for the kernel. 
This utility failed to compile because a variable, current_menu, was 
declared static in scripts/kconfig/mconf.c and external in 

Here is a patch to fix this problem. What I don't know is why this 
kernel ever compiled. Perhaps, at the time, the compiler was more forgiving.

dave braun

========= cut 

current_menu is declared static in mconf.c and external in lkc.h - it 
can't be both.

--- linux-2.6.8/scripts/kconfig/mconf.c 2004-08-14 01:36:32.000000000 -0400
+++ linux-2.6.8-dab/scripts/kconfig/mconf.c     2006-07-21 
10:22:00.000000000 -0400
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@
 static int indent;
 static struct termios ios_org;
 static int rows = 0, cols = 0;
-static struct menu *current_menu;
+       struct menu *current_menu;
 static int child_count;
 static int do_resize;
 static int single_menu_mode;

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