Permissions problems with crosstool-0.42

Adam Kemp
Fri Jul 14 21:50:00 GMT 2006

RESULT_TOP = /opt/crosstool

That directory exists, and is writable by my user. I did use "touch 
/opt/crosstool/foo" and it succeeded. The problem is that it's not writing 
to /opt/crosstool, it's writing to /opt/cross. When I then tried changing 
RESULT_TOP to /opt/cross to make it happy, it got a little further, but 
then it tried writing to /opt.

If you look at my original email, you can see the permissions of 
/opt/crosstool as well as the contents of the script where I set 
RESULT_TOP=/opt/crosstool. Then if you look at the error I got, you'll 
notice that it's trying to write to /opt/cross instead. That error didn't 
come up until long after I started the script. I cut a whole bunch of the 
output and only pasted the end of it. Right after it extracts the 
linuxthreads_db stuff, it does a few patch things and then gives the 
error. Something is not working right here.
Adam Kemp
(512) 683-6058

David Kahn <> 
07/14/2006 04:41 PM

Adam Kemp <>
Re: Permissions problems with crosstool-0.42

Adam Kemp wrote:

> + '[' -d /opt/cross ']'
> + mkdir -p /opt/cross
> mkdir: cannot create directory `/opt/cross': Permission denied
> I tried changing the RESULT_TOP to /opt/cross to appease it, but then it 

> tried writing to a file in /opt. Why is it trying to write in these 
> places? It should only touch things in the download directory, the build 

> directory, and the /opt/crosstool directory.

RESULT_TOP is where the tools will be installed. It also
affects the prefix used when building the tools which is
used in library searches when the tools run. (typically
for libiconv)

If you don't have permission to write to $RESULT_TOP,
things will fail.

So, if you can't do, say "touch /opt/cross/x" or
"touch /opt/crosstools/x" when the directories
have been created, your build will fail.

One of the first things the script tries to do is
to create the RESULT_TOP directory. It's ok if
it already exists, as long as you have write permission
to it.


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