crosstool-generated toolchain produces massive ELF executable

Bill Gatliff
Tue Jan 31 03:37:00 GMT 2006


>i'll look more closely this afternoon.  i'm guessing it's because the
>KPIT toolchain uses newlib and not glibc, but i still don't see why
>that would make that kind of difference.  i mean, from 80K to almost

That kind of difference is consistent with my experience.  Yep, pretty 

Both libraries map out the extreme ends of the "solution space".  Glibc 
is the be-all-everything-and-then-some solution; newlib is the 
minimalist-almost-to-a-fault one.  :)  (Don't get me wrong, I *love* 
newlib but it isn't a glibc replacement).

If you want to explore a middle ground, try uClibc.


Bill Gatliff

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