[discuss] Problem building cross compiler for x86_64

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Thu Jan 19 18:29:00 GMT 2006

On Thursday 19 January 2006 13:22, Dave Korn wrote:
> Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On Thursday 19 January 2006 12:35, Kai Ruottu wrote:
> >> Dave Korn wrote:
> >>>  Blimey, "cross-glibc" was just shorthand for "cross-compiled glibc",
> >>> how on earth you could claim to think I was talking about some kind of
> >>> magic C library that could somehow run on one machine yet the function
> >>> calls take effect on another?  This is just pedantry with words!
> >>
> >>  When not knowing how this magic "crosstool" does things, from the
> >> messages here I thought having seen
> >> people really producing their glibcs two or more times, once for each
> >> host and then still another time for the
> >> native host and GCC when trying to create that with a crosscompiler...
> >
> > if you dont really know whats going on why do you continue posting
> > pointless e-mails ... all you're doing is wasting people's time
>   Mike, Kai's intent might be a bit unclear owing to the language barrier,
> and he often expresses his meaning through sarcasm, but he does actually
> know what he's talking about, and he does have a pretty important point to
> make:

it's hard to weed through sarcasm in these circumstances as it just sounds 
like the speaker is an ass

i have no idea who "Kai Ruottu" is but i recognize "Dave Korn", so i'll take 
your word on it

> that, if you already have a prebuilt binary glibc for your target, 
> building a new one from source is not just a waste of time, but potentially
> a source of bugs or very subtle and hard-to-track incompatibilities, since
> it might not come out /quite/ the same as the old one.  This issue is very
> important for people working with standard engineering practices that
> emphasis stability, reliability and careful management of change control.

these things are true but they dont cover the [common] cases where you dont 
have a prebuilt binary glibc for your target, or the prebuilt glibc is not 
suitable for your target

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