[discuss] Problem building cross compiler for x86_64

Kai Ruottu karuottu@mbnet.fi
Thu Jan 19 14:08:00 GMT 2006

Dave Korn wrote:

>  But Kai, what if there was an explosion at the linux factory, and we all
>woke up tomorrow morning to find the last pre-built glibc had caught fire and
>burned to the ground?  What if we had to start again and build everything from
>scratch, but nobody knew how to any more? 
Yes, "the crash" (described usually as a "capitalistic train" crashing) is
essential part of those theories:


 When this is going to happen?  And where are the sources then, nobody 
thought yet to get rid of the FSF
sources at the same time too?  And start also with them from absolute 
scratch...  And then there must be
systems on which to build.  I don't believe or wish this kind of "crash"...

 Quite many Linux distros have disappeared from the net just as has 
happened with quite many sources. If
someone now wants to install one of the SuSE Linux 7.x distros into a 
233 MHz PC with 64 MB memory,
finding that can be quite hard and the only way can be to find someone 
who dowloaded or bought the CDs
when it was still available. Yesterday I did that with the still 
available Red Hat 7.3 but would have liked to
check a SuSE too...

>  I'm perfectly happy to do so myself, building a cross-glibc is the absolute
>worst part of the entire gnu world and I'd rather avoid it when I can, but I
>still understand why someone might _want_ to know how it's done.
  People are free to use their GCCs for anything... Building glibcs from 
their pristine sources is one possibility.
But there must be some reason for that, for instance doing that "just 
for a fun" is one good reason. But before
one goes and replaces the original libraries in a Linux distro or in a 
crosstoolchain for that, the reason should
be something else. Building is one thing, that the result is usable for 
some purpose is then another thing...

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