autoconf.h and a cygwin toolchain

Dan Kegel
Mon Jan 16 19:27:00 GMT 2006

On 1/16/06, Dave Korn <> wrote:
> > First off, apply that patch.  Second, you must use a case-sensitive
> > filesystem to build the kernel!  The way to do this in cygwin
> > is to use the 'managed' mount option.  See
> >
>   Or apply the crosstool patch so you don't have to!
> d_on_case_insensitive_fs.patch

That patch isn't quite enough; one area it falls down is in
netfilter, where they use filenames whose case encodes
important state information *at runtime*; thus you absolutely
can't build a fully loaded Linux kernel on a case-sensitive
filesystem.  (If you don't configure netfilter, you may be ok,
but I don't know.)

>   Funnily enough I've just been doing all this stuff this morning, and 2.6.12
> seems to build fine for an ARM architecture without worrying about the
> .S-vs-.s files problem any more.

That'd be nice... Sam Ravnborg said he was going to fix that in
but I'm afraid that the problem is still there in

[dank@dual linux-]$ find . -name 'Make*' | xargs grep '\.s' | wc
    164     839   13052
[dank@dual linux-]$ find . -name 'Make*' | xargs grep '\.S' | wc
     65     265    4428

- Dan
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